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Toronto AES Seminar 2008Do you own or run your own recording studio, be it a project studio, small studio, basement studio or a laptop that you carry with you from location to location….??

You are a part of the new Enterprise Studio paradigm or eStudio that is emerging from the decline of the traditional label-oriented recording studio.

The Toronto Audio Engineering Society wants to get enterprising people like you who are in this business talking to each other, and us, about how you are adapting, evolving, or pioneering the business of making and selling music, with an emphasis on the technology side of it (since we are the AES).
But since the lines between music, technology, business, promotion have radically morphed into a new kind of enterprise, this should be an interesting forum.

We’ve invited CBC Radio 3, CD Baby, Puretracks, Maple Music, Orin Isaacs, Michael Phillip Wojewoda , Byron Wong, Brad Sucks and more to come and be a part of our panel forums, and we think you won’t want to miss this chance to network, share ideas, and help define who we are and how we do business in this post-Napster world of music-making.

This event is being held in conjunction with the PAL/MIAC show at the Direct Energy Building on May 16 and 17.

Toronto AES Seminar 2010
eStudio | The New Enterprise Studio Paradigm

May 16, 17, 2010
Direct Energy Building
Exhibition Place


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SUNDAY, May 16 - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
1.  How do you connect to your client and customer markets?

What is the market? Who is servicing it? Who is selling into it? How are people selling to market?  Where does money flow from?  How are you protecting your intellectual property rights, and those of the musicians you work with?  How does this impact the way in which you record, eg budget decisions, technologies, methodologies? 

Wish List: what would help you in your business, eg less restrictions on services such as Spotify, more encouragement for innovation through government support (tax credits, relief that is currently targeted at larger businesses)

SUNDAY, May 16 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
2.  What's in your studio? What is your studio facility like?  

How do you get it done? What technologies do you use... all in box? Analog outboard? Samples? etc How do you research new purchases? Insurance, liability?

Room optimization...... challenges (computer fans, HVAC noise, electrical interferences, data storage and security, etc), speaker optimization? Both recording room and control room... or are they the same room? Do you work remotely? Both?

MONDAY, May 17 - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm  
3.  How do you record?  

Recording Techniques... are there new possibilities or limitations that you encounter… what does the eStudio enable you to do?  What do YOU do that we might find interesting?
MONDAY, May 17 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
4. How You Are Delivering to Your Market?

On-line digital downloading through aggragators, eg CD Baby, or retailers eg Puretracks, iTunes, Streaming technologies....??? Delivery modes??? Internet radio? eg CBC Radio 3, Spotify, Pandora, Compression? archiving? Smart Phones? Olympics streaming live? Mastering for streaming technologies, compression algorithms.... Physical sales through retail chain, or “off-stage” concert sales? download cards?

In an era of emerging technologies and music industry practices, redefining the traditional sound recording studio as well as the roles of the sound engineer and producer has become part of the changing landscape.

New hardware and software has allowed the traditional studio owner to broaden the scope of his/her core capabilities in an effort to deepen market presence. The studio is more often now directly engaged in the entire chain of the creation of music, from artist development and product promotion through to a label-like stake in any potential profits.

Entrepreneurial spirit combined with initiative and resourcefulness have brought forth the emergence of the independent recording studio capable of offering services over a broader range of the audio industry and beyond.

We refer to this market as the eStudio or Enterprise Studio.

Toronto AES Seminar 2010 Organizing Committee

Chair: Earl McCluskie (Chestnut Hall Music)
Vice Chair/Sponsorship: Sy Potma (Fanshawe College)
Event Moderator: Robert Breen (OIART)
Presenters: Robert DiVito (Montgomery Sound and Image Studio)
Facilities/Sponsorship: Dave Dysart (HHB Canada)
Audio: Blair Francey (Long and McQuade)