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Review June 2001 Meeting

Tour of Manta Digital Sound & Picture and Year End Social

Our year end meeting was held at Manta DSP Theatre 1 on Tuesday June 26, 2001. Manta is a division of Medallion PFA and previously was know as DAVE (Digital Audio Video & Effects). Our two hosts for the evening: Sean Cowan and Cory Mandel were introduced by Anne Reynolds, AES executive member and bulletin editor.

Theatre 1 is the large format mixing studio, a cumulation of years of planning and research. The room contains a Studer D-950 digital mixing console operating in 40 bit floating point processing units and worth $1.8 million dollars. It has 5 banks of 96 inputs for a total of 480 inputs, 24 bit input and output, plus filters/panning /joy stick/eq/bussing.

The 60 ft by 60 ft. room has been open for 2 years. It is THX certified and has 2 sets of discrete speaker systems, 1 for IMAX standard and 1 system for film standard. The main difference is that the floor sub woofer for film mixing is changed to an overhead speaker for IMAX mixing (also known as the voice of God speaker).

The room is equipped with ProTools software, 3-D DLP video or 35mm. film projection. The playback system for mixing is Betacam SP and film projection is used for screening the final project. Seats are in stadium style. The room contains Tascam MMR8 and MMP16 recorders, 6 track mag, DA88, Sony 3348 48 track DASH recorder, Studer 24 track Dolby SR recorder.

After a description of the room and it's equipment, we saw demos in both film and IMAX formats. The room is one of the busiest IMAX mixing rooms in North America having done "Rolling Stones at The Max", "NSYN", and "Titanica" among others.

Following refreshments, we broke up into small groups for a tour around Manta. The facility also houses editing suites, music/jingle studio and Command Post Toybox. Audio is on the main floor and video is on the second.

Thanks to Sean Cowan & Cory Mandel of Manta for hosting us and to Ron Lynch of the AES for organizing the event.

by Mike Borlace, Membership Secretary, Executive Committee

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Originally posted: 16 June 2001
Last update: 13 Oct 2001