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May 2001

Volume 9, Number 7

Pictures from DVD-Audio and SuperAudioCD Meeting

May 2001 Photos
Peter Cook, Ron Lynch and Dan Mombourquette discuss setup in the presentation room.

Meanwhile David Glasser and Ed Abbott prepare the demo room.

Peter, Ed, David and Ron all ponder the SACD player.

Peter's consternation begins to show, David and Ron stay close to the action, but Ed's suddenly struck with a thought . . .

Let's consult the manual!

Around the table at the post meeting dinner: Dan Mombourquette, Stanley Lipshitz, David Glasser

Stanley, David, Peter and Ed Marshall.

Peter, Ed, Ron Lynch, Hartley Wynberg and Ed Abbott.

Hartley, Ed, Oliver Masciarotte and Mike Borlace.

Here are some photos from our day long meeting on DVD-Audio and SuperAudioCD. They show some of us setting up for the meeting and then relaxing later at the post meeting dinner.

If you'd like to see pictures of the meeting itself please speak with the software manufacturer who's software wiped Lee White's Compact Flash card clean. Ahem.

Meanwhile, many thanks to Oliver Masciarotte for these photos. Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures.

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Originally posted: 1 Jan 2002
Last update: Tue, 1 Jan, 2002