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Apr 2002

Volume 10, Number 8

The Toronto Sections of AES and SMPTE Annual Joint Meeting

Presented by Kodak
Date Tues, 9 April, 2002 Please note early date
Time 7:00 pm Please note early time
Place Ryerson Eaton Lecture Theatre, Rogers Communications Building
Address 80 Gould Street, Toronto, ON corner of Gould and Church, one block east of Yonge St (Dundas Subway)
Pre-Meeting Dinner 5:30 pm The Elephant & Castle, 378 Yonge Street (at Gerrard)

KODAK Presents

* Photographic Sound Analog & Digital Recordings.

* Design Improvements for Motion Picture Film Projectors.

* Using 35mm Digital Intermediate to provide 70mm Quality in Theatres

ARRANGED BY:Colin Davis, Kodak Canada Inc., Entertainment Imaging

Colin Davis, Kodak Canada Inc.: A brief retrospective and update relating to both analog and digital photographic sound recording technologies.

Christopher L. DuMont, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY: The paper describes design improvements developed for motion picture film projectors that are intended to improve the quality of the overall screen image. In particular, new designs for the intermittent, or Geneva mechanism, and for a "Universal" lamp house are described. These improved designs allow the system light efficiency and uniformity to be improved, resulting in significant increase in screen luminance.

Roger R. A. Morton, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY: A progress report on research into film based Digital Intermediate or Data-centric systems. The goal is a cinema delivery system that provides onscreen cinema quality that is superior to today's 35mm quality. A system that consistently provides across all theatres, improved realism or classic looks, and can also enable new looks, artistic and special effects. Furthermore, we seek to eliminate perceptible digital artifacts and improve productivity in post-production. We also outline a two variable method for conceptually assessing the overall performance of digital systems and report on some capabilities provided by algorithms created in support of this research.

Refreshments sponsored by Kodak Canada Inc.

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Originally posted: 6 Apr 2002
Last update: 6 Apr 2002