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Mar 2002

Meeting Preview

EVO Intellisgent Loudspeaker System

JBL Professional: EVO Intelligent Loudspeaker System

Tim Shuttleworth of JBL Professional will discuss the EVO intelligent loudspeaker system, which adapts itself to its acoustical environment. EVO adjusts its overall frequency response to compensate for the effect of its own environment and sets its own delay with knowledge of where its partner speakers are located. It also monitors the amount of heat produced in the drivers, adjusts discrete transducer levels accordingly, and compensates for power compression to maintain consistent audio performance. EVO also discerns the difference between program signal and feedback, and eliminates the latter. The system monitors its own operation and reports on its current conditions. All data communication is via the regular XLR audio cable. EVO's design has been optimized for mid-size churches, schools and live performing arts theaters. The workings of the EVO system will be demonstrated and explained using the computer graphical user interface DCI software


Tim Shuttleworth is currently Director, Electronics Technology Development at JBL Professional where, among a number of things, he has involved himself in the development of the LSR range of powered monitors and the self-managing integrated loudspeaker system, EVO. Currently a committee member for the Los Angeles section of the AES, he has been an AES member since 1978 and served on the committee of the Chicago chapter in 1995/6. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Electronics from the University of Sussex in England, he worked on the development of graphics scanning equipment and acoustic instrumentation. Tim's first foray into the world of pro audio was at Neve, where he developed recording console systems for EMI Abbey Road, Delane Lea, George Martin's AIR Studios and many more he has long since forgotten. As Head of Circuit Design, he worked closely with Rupert Neve on developing some of the earliest automated analog console systems.

As Engineering Manager at Cadac Audio he was involved in one of the many incarnations of this high end console marquee. Tim's innate wanderlust led him to Australia where he worked in the systems contracting division of Rank Industries designing and managing installations at radio and TV studios as well as entertainment venues. He turned his contracting experience into a successful owner operated business until an offer to lead the design team at Neotek in Chicago fueled that fateful wanderlust. He finally discovered the joys of Southern California in 1996 and has worked for JBL ever since on loudspeaker system control signal processors, power amplification and integrated active loudspeakers. Tim has presented 2 papers at AES Conventions (New York 1979 and Melbourne, Australia 1993) and has four patent applications pending, including three relating to the EVO system.

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Originally posted: 26 March 2002
Last update: 26 March 20022