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May 2002


Presenters for Post Production: Digital by Necessity

Deluxe Laboratories

Deluxe offers a full range of entertainment industry supply chain services including motion picture film processing, DVD and videocassette duplication and distribution. Deluxe's film lab operations, located in Hollywood, Toronto, London and Rome, process over four billion feet of film each year for a worldwide customer base that includes Hollywood's leading studios, independents, television and commercial filmmakers. Deluxe's Toronto facility also provides extensive sound and video post production services to the North American market.

Eyes Post

Initially founded over ten years ago as a single owner operation, Eyes Post Group has pushed the envelope to become one of Canada's largest and most successful post houses. With an emphasis on individual client service and satisfaction, Eyes developed a loyal following in the feature film, television series, documentary, specialty show, commercial and corporate industries. Endeavoring to provide a wider range of services with a diverse and flexible array of equipment.

Today, Eyes is one of Canada's most rapidly expanding and dynamic post-production companies. With a long history of leading edge technology, technical excellence and staff that rank among the finest in the Canadian industry, Eyes Post Group offers a positive working environment for every client and staff member.

Saved By Technology

Saved By Technology is Canada's MIDI music & digital audio specialty retailer! Since 1985, we've provided our customers with the most advanced computer-based production tools at great prices, backed by technical support from our veteran product specialists.

We're the supplier of choice amongst Canada's leading professional musicians, music production companies, film and television composers, recording studios, audio post production facilities, radio and television broadcasters, educational institutions and more.

Although today our primary business is retail sales, our roots are in sound programming, recording and production. Even today we still do the odd consulting job for one of our special customers.

Sound Dogs Toronto

Our editors work as units under the guidance of their respective Supervisor/Coordinator. As a result, within our structure, knowledge and creative input flow freely between units and expertise acquired from dozens of different projects is shared by all.

Within Sound Dogs you will find some of Canada's brightest, most creative and award winning Sound Designers, dedicated to shaping dynamic and inventive soundscapes for television and theatrical motion pictures.

Behind the scenes, the Sound Dogs' work environment, as well as our technical strategies and sonic palettes, are constantly being refined and upgraded to meet our daily challenges along with those presented to us by our film-making collaborators. Although we maintain a proven "system" of operations and techniques, our editors and designers are encouraged to work toward their individual creative goals, thereby ensuring a tenacious pursuit of excellence and thus, personal pride.

When designing a sound track for a feature film, we provide the world-class elements and ingredients that today's productions demand.

Spence-Thomas Audio Post

Spence-Thomas audio post, founded in 1967 by Canadian film sound pioneer Patrick Spence-Thomas, is a full service audio post production house located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Today we offer three state of the art digital recording and mixing studios with a variety of the very latest hard disk based recorders as well as vintage analog microphones and processing equipment. Our credits range from feature films to commercials and television productions

We operate three recording studios and one film sound transfer room in 2 locations in downtown Toronto.

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Originally posted: 22 May 2002
Last update: 22 May 2002