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Microphones - The State of the Art


An Overview of Microphone Technology and Techniques

A presentation of the Toronto Section of the AES

Moderated by special guest John Eargle, Recording Engineer and author of The Microphone Handbook.

Representatives from Audio-Technica, AKG, Bruel & Kjaer, Neumann and Sennheiser will give educational seminars and present their latest and best in microphones

A panel of experts will discuss their special Tips and Techniques on how they use their microphones on the Stage, in the Theatre, on the Set, in the Lab, in the Studio and in the Concert Hall.

Please Register in Advance by calling National Mailbox at (416) 922-8122

Admission is $4.50 Members, Students, Seniors $10.00 Non-Members


Outline of Events

Microphones and microphone techniques: these are favourite topics for many recording engineers. And these are the topics of this year's Toronto AES Section day long event.

Audio Renaissance man John Eargle will be on hand to guide us through the day's events and to add his own special insight. John has written a number of seminal texts related to professional audio. He is a highly respected recording engineer specializing in both classical and jazz recording. He returns to our section after March '93's highly successful meeting on The Acoustics of Musical Instruments.

Juergen Wahl, Applications Engineer and National Sales Manager for Neumann/USA provides an excellent overview with his multimedia Introduction to the World of Professional Studio Microphones .

Topics to be covered

Kelly Statham, Development Engineer for Audio-Technica U.S., Inc will focus on automated measurements using the Audio Precision.

Gary Baldassari will represent B & K.

Paul Gonsalves will represent AKG.


The Experts - Practical Applications

A panel of experts from various disciplines in the audio industry will talk about their work and share their tips and techniques. Following the individual presentations there will be time for questions from the floor.

Confirmed at this time:


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MicView was made possible due to the efforts of the Executive of the AES Toronto Section,

the support and finances of AES International, and the enthusiasm of the participants.

Special thanks to Art Gruber, AES Sections Chairman.

MicView Committee:

Co-Chairpersons: Peter Cook, Janine Walton

Facilities Coordinator: Anne Reynolds, John Fourdraine

Technical Coordinator: Dan Mombourquette

Stage Manager: Glenn Specht

Stage Crew: Paul Reibling, Denis Tremblay

Audio Coordinator: Devy Breda

Public Relations: Peter Cook, Anne Reynolds, Janine Walton

Program: Peter Cook, Earl McCluskie, Lee White

Reviews Coordinator: John Fourdraine, Tom Shevlin

Membership: Peter Cook

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