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Dec 1999

DAB - Where are we now?!

Digital Audio Broadcasting is officially on the air in Canada. DAB promises "CD-quality" sound, interference-free reception, and "datacasting".

Fred Benedikt, CBC Broadcast Engineering, has been involved with DAB for CBC and DRRI (Digital Radio Research Inc.) since its introduction to Canada in 1990. At our December meeting Fred will present an overview of DAB touching on topics such as:

DAB receivers will be operational for you to hear and to "see". Program Associated Data (PAD) - including text and images - is broadcast with the audio. We'll also get a peak at what future DAB receivers may deliver.

Following Mr. Benedikt's talk join us for our Christmas Social. Enjoy refreshments and fine finger food in the artists' lounge on the tenth floor of the CBC Broadcast Centre. Socialize with your peers and have some "hands on" with a DAB receiver.

Presented by Fred Benedikt, CBC Broadcast Engineering
Date Tues, 14 Dec 1999
Time 7:30 pm
Place CBC Broadcasting Centre
Address 205 John Street
Between Front and Wellington
St. Andrew or Union Subway stations
Please Pre-register Call National Mail Box at (416) 922-8122.

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Originally posted: Fri, 3 Dec, 1999
Last update: Fri, 3 Dec, 1999