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Greg DeClute at Audio Production for Discrete Surround Sound

Greg DeClute Biography

Greg DeClute is Head Recording Engineer for CBC Radio Arts and Entertainment A recording engineer/producer for 13 years he has also acted as National Digital Trainer for CBC Radio, a trainer/consultant at Voice of America in Washinton D.C. He has won several awards for his work as an engineer.

Greg recorded the first 5.1 radio drama in the world in 1997 and is working on another 5.1 drama as this moment.

Greg has this to say about radio drama and 5.1 audio:

"I feel that radio drama is extremely fertile ground for the use of 5.1. In the past the listener has been forced into the position of a disembodied third party observer because of the 2 dimensional nature of stereo recording. The story is told to the listener like a play on a stage.

Recording a radio drama in 5.1 allows the listener to break through that invisible barrier and become completely immersed in the experience. The listener can finally interact with the other characters in the play.

One of the most exciting aspects of recording radio drama in 5.1 is that a much wider spacial pallette can be used because it is not front focused like film. When recording radio drama in 5.1, the spacial placement and dynamic movement of sound sources does not have to be arbitrary."

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Originally posted: Mon, 19 Apr, 1999
Last update: Wed, 28 Apr, 1999