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A Day of Presentations and Demonstrations with Experts from the worlds of Music, Film, and DTV

* John Eargle * Elliot Scheiner * Daniel Pellerin * Dolby Laboratories * Sonic Solutions * and more! *

If, in professional audio the 1980's and '90's were about the transition to digital, then perhaps the next decade will be all about surround sound. New formats such as DTV (digital television), DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, and Super Audio CD are changing everything about the way audio professionals work.

Join us Saturday May 1, 1999 for a very special meeting. We've gathered together an exceptional group of people, many of them surround sound pioneers, to share their expertise and their vision of the future.

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Date Saturday 1 May, 1999
Time 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Doors open 8:15
Place Deluxe Toronto
Address 424 Adelaide Street East, Toronto
a half block east of Sherbourne
Admission $15 for AES Members
$30 for Non-Members
Pre-Registration Required Click here for details

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Originally posted: Tues, Mar 30, 1999
Last update: Thu, 29 Apr, 1999