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Updated Thu, 29 Apr, 1999 at 19:30:34

Popular Music - Elliot Scheiner
Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer Elliot Scheiner is 5.1 pioneer. He will talk about his experiences in mixing artists like Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and Alanis Morissette in 5.1 and will demonstrate some of his work for us.

Classical Music - John Eargle

Long an experimenter with surround sound, John Eargle was involved in the 1996 Los Angeles Conference sponsored by the International Alliance for Multichannel Music. In today's presentation he will discuss classical recording in the traditional direct-ambient context as well as that of panning primary material in the surround channels. Step by step creation of surround mixes will be presented, with special emphasis on the use of the hard center channel in an area where the phantom center has long been a dominant element.

John will also demonstrate some of his surround recordings, some of which have been released on DVD by Delos.

DTV and Dolby E - Steve Lyman

Steve Lyman, Senior Engineer at Dolby Laboratories, will give an overview of audio distribution for DTV. He will also demonstrate Dolby E (which was just released at NAB in Las Vegas) which encodes up to eight channels of audio and metadata on a two-channel AES/EBU carrier.

Film - Daniel Pellerin

Daniel Pellerin of Deluxe will discuss the practical issues of audio production for motion pictures and dealing with the many delivery formats: Dolby, DTS, SDDS. He will show us some work he has done with Adam Egoyan recently at Deluxe. The DVD of The Sweet Hereafter has received rave reviews.

Authoring for DVD - Rolf Hartley

Rolf Hartley of Sonic Solutions will explain the process of authoring for DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, and Super Audio CD.

Psychoacoustics - John Klepko

"The Psychoacoustics of Surround Sound: Translating Research on Hearing into Surround Sound Practice"

Audio professionals now have five discrete channels with which to reproduce sound. This is an improvement over two-channel stereo but just how much should we expect?

John Klepko, a PhD candidate in McGill University's Sound Recording Program, gives us a brief primer on sound localization and then explains what can - and what cannot - work well in surround sound playback systems. Problems with side imaging, rear imaging, distance/depth imaging, and imaging vs. frequency-range will be explained.

Radio Drama - Greg DeClute

CBC is one of the few places left in the world producing Radio Dramas. Recording Engineer Greg DeClute will talk about his experimental work in creating a Radio Drama in 5.1. We'll hear some scenes from this unique project, the first 5.1 Radio Drama in the world.

The Holophone® - Mike Godfrey

Mike will demonstrate his 6.1 microphone system which consists of an ellipsoid that encompasses seven microphones for Left, Centre, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround, Top, and a Low Frequency pickup. Developed in conjunction with the NRC, the system is ideally suited for location recording of audio for surround productions. It is light enough to be mounted on top of a camera and can be fitted with wireless packs. The system has generated a great deal of interest in Hollywood and amongst manufacturers.

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Originally posted: Thu, Apr 15, 1999
Last update: Thu, 29 Apr, 1999