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Mike Godfrey at Audio Production for Discrete Surround Sound

Mike Godfrey Biography

Mike Godfrey owns and operates Rising Sun Productions, a recording studio in downtown Toronto. He is a recording engineer, sound designer, musician, composer, and now inventor. Mike's interest in surround sound has led him to develop a microphone system for encoding 7 discrete channels of information (the standard 5.1 plus a top channel). The Holophone® can be fitted with a set of wireless packs to enable location recording. It is light enough to be mounted on top of a video camera to encode the audio directionality from the viewers perspective.

Mike has recently received a grant to help develop the product in conjunction with the National Research Council of Canada. A recent demonstration to the LA SMPTE section generated a great deal of interest among Hollywood's audio community. Articles featuring the microphone will be published shortly.

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Originally posted: Mon, 19 Apr, 1999
Last update: Wed, 28 Apr, 1999