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May 1, 2018Masters of Audio Series

Edward (Ted) Marshall, Audio Engineer

Edward (Ted) Marshall
 has been at the forefront of classical music recording for over fifty years. He has recorded hundreds of solo artists, orchestras, bands, choral and chamber ensembles, in Canada, the United States and Europe.

His work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation spanned several decades and played an integral role in the development of the CBC’s SM5000 recording catalog.

Ed (Ted) Marshall
In Conversation With
Howard Dyck

On April 23, 2018, Howard Dyck, a retired CBC host and producer who worked with Ed Marshall throughout their careers at the CBC, sat down with Ed at his home in Elora to talk about his life as an audio engineer, what inspired him to get into this field of work, who he worked with over the years and the unique experiences he had.



A Special Evening

At a Toronto AES section meeting on December 13, 2017, Ed shared his insights into the various transitions in the industry both in technology and distribution. This evening was a retrospective of his career in words and music. He played excerpts from some of his favourite recordings while giving a glimpse into his process, workflow and personal introspections from over five decades of audio engineering. The meeting was streamed on Facebook.


Ed Marshall is quite simply one of the very finest audio engineers I have ever met. He is of course thoroughly professional in the technical aspects of his work, and over the 41 years I have known him, he has consistently demanded of himself the very highest standards.

I know Ed from many hours of studio work in the CBC, often working to daunting deadlines. I recall one national broadcast of the Wagner Ring Cycle where the then quite new digital recording technology was put to the test. Ed would patiently and most efficiently edit each new act of the Bayreuth performance, sometimes with just minutes to spare before we went live to air with it. The product was always first-class, and Ed was never flustered, even under great pressure.

Then there have been the countless times where Ed has recorded performances that I have conducted. He cares deeply about the music and spares no effort to assure the very finest recording possible. Ed is a consummate professional, and he is also a dear friend.

The Canadian musical world owes him a great debt of gratitude. So many significant musical moments in Canada’s history have been immortalized, thanks to Ed’s midas touch.

Thank you, Ed. Howard Dyck, C.M., LL.D.

Howard Dyck

Radio host, producer, choral conductor: retired, CBC, Grand Philharmonic Choir

“As music director of the New York Staff Band I produced more than 25 recordings with Ted Marshall. He is the consummate professional. Great ears and never finished a project until we were satisfied it was the best it could be. We even won the British Bandsman CD of the year for our recording featuring tuba artist Patrick Sheridan. Ted has enriched my life through his great skills and his Christian humility. We have become life long friends through these many years and many recordings.  Congratulations toTed on an exceptional career.” Ronald Waiksnoris, Bandmaster, New York Staff Band ( Retired )

Ronald Waiksnoris

Band Master (Retired), New York Staff Band

I have benefitted from Ed’s expertise on many projects.  The most impressive one must be his recording of my Berlioz Requiem performance in the mid 90’s.  With the hundreds of performers involved…covering the entire floor and stage of Alumni Hall….Ed was able to achieve a well-balanced and sensitive recording, in spite of the tricky acoustics, single soloist, masses choirs, four brass bands in four corners of the hall, huge orchestra with ten sets of tympani and cymbals no less!
He also did a wonderful bit of engineering for one of my own recordings for solo clarinet and orchestra in Ottawa…
The Nightingale ‘s Rhapsody!  He is truly a national treasure!  Always a consummate professional and a wonderful person to work with.
– Jerry Summers, clarinet, Professor Emeritus, University of Western Ontario
Jerome Summers

Professor Emeritus, Clarinet, University of Western Ontario,

I first met Ed (who is this Ted guy?) when I was a student at Western University (UWO) in the early 80s.  In addition to my music studies, I had a part-time job as a recording engineer working in the Faculty of Music’s recording facilities, and this gave me a chance to connect with the CBC technicians who came to record the faculty choir. It was my first encounter with a “real” recording engineer, and believe it or not, it had not occurred to me that it was possible to make a living doing this work until that moment.

Although I went on to finish my degree, I determined to follow the path towards the work I saw Ed doing, and eventually ended up at the CBC for a year, at one of the moments that it was constricting the growth of its staff size… I took another path towards my goal. Years later, a highlight of my own career in recording came when I had the opportunity to produce some choral recordings and engage Ed as recording engineer.

During one of those sessions, Ed related an anecdote he thought was appropriate to our careers: “Some day, some one will realize that we are having fun doing what we love, and will make us stop”. Ed is still looking over his shoulder!

Earl McCluskie

Producer, Engineer, Chestnut Hall Music

Congratulations Ed on a long career achieving excellence in audio recording.   We are not only deeply grateful for your commitment and patience with the Penderecki String Quartet but we recognize the generosity and value you have brought to the dreams and ambitions of so many Canadian musicians in their pursuit of disseminating their craft – often with small means.

The Penderecki Quartet remembers fondly our Bartok string quartet cycle we recorded with you back in the good ol’ days!   Your super sonic ears and magic with mics and digital editing brought this project to a level we are very proud of.   Our  deep thanks to you Ed for all your support over the years!

Penderecki String Quartet

Ed was our recording engineer for the first two CD’s in the Canadian Art Song Series, – Thread of Winter and Halibut Cheeks and Other Love Songs. We came to depend heavily on Ed’s quite feedback. His dry humour often made doing yet “another take” possible. His love of coffee and pastries brought from his favourite bakery helped sustain us.

Ed has an amazing capacity for patience, always finding time to adjust that splice one more time. We are grateful for his technical prowess and his “ears”. Simply put, Ed is a mensch!

Leslie Fagan, Lorin Shalanko

Leslie Fagan, Lorin Shalanko

I consider myself one of the lucky ones because Ed and I are still working events together. I first met Ed in the 80’s when he came to Centre In The Square to record the KW Symphony for “Symphony Hall” and the CBC “SM5000” series.

A fun memory I have with Ed is working a live show together in the 90’s with The TSO at Molson Park in Barrie.  We had contracted a PA for 50,000 patrons…1,200 showed up and were all seated in front of the stage.  So…we turned off the PA, threw 4 wedges across the front of the stage for some light reinforcement, and enjoyed the sunny afternoon with no pressure. To this day Ed still has that easy going manner and has retained the magic touch which I call “silk” in his live pickups of the KW Symphony and Grand Philharmonic Choir.

Ed is always a pleasure to work with and I am proud to call him my friend as well as colleague. Bob Luffman Centre In The Square Kitchener, On.

Bob Luffman

Head of Sound, Centre In The Square, Kitchener, ON

It is quite impossible to know how many recordings Ed made for us in Kitchener at the Center in the Square, but one thing I know Ed always found the right sound whether it was chamber music,orchestra or vocal music with orchestra. He also had the uncanny feel for the style of the music and the space he recorded in.

When my wife Agnes Grossmann was to record the Taiwan National Choir, in surroundings we were not familiar with in Taipei, Ed put up the mikes and again produced a great sound, and this very quickly and discreetly. He has an outstanding talent to immediately place everything for maximum results at the highest level. To add to this is his enormous patience and experience in editing.

Thank you Ed for your work and your devotion to music. Agnes and I truly appreciate your work and humanity.

Raffi Armenian

Raffi Armenian

Conductor, pianist, composer, and teacher

In one way I feel I’m looking back at ancient history, in another it seems but yesterday that Ed and I were involved in so many broadcasts and recordings with the TSO together. In particular I remember a few late nights – early mornings in fact – when we somehow managed to put together a CD of a somewhat rusty organist turned conductor at the organ of Roy Thompson Hall very soon after it opened!

As always his patience and unflappability, not to mention his perfect ears, were a major factor in achieving a successful outcome in trying circumstances. We even had a few laughs! Indeed that wonderful shy but at the same time knowing smile of his floats before me as I write.

Colgrass with Rivka Golani, Shafer with Judy Loman, Strauss with Ben Heppner, Beethoven with Anton Kuerti and so many other performances with the TSO were all brought to life by his extraordinary ability to make the sound world for all and every kind of music RIGHT!

Mille grazie, Ed and a Big Hug!!

Andrew Davis

Sir Andrew Davis

Conductor Laureate and Interim Artistic Director, TSO, Music Director1975 to 1988, Lyric Opera of Chicago & Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Ed Marshall Recording Engineer Extraordinaire

For 30 years at CBC I had the great pleasure, joy, privilege and honour to work with Ed Marshall. Our projects covered the musical gamut of choral music, vocal recitals, opera productions, symphony orchestras, brass bands, studio packaging, live-to-air specials, CD recordings and more. I learned early on in my career as a producer that Ed possessed a unique talent. Not only was he a wizard at solving all matters technical he had ‘ears’.

Ed’s passion for music and a subtlety for ‘sound’ resulted in recordings that reflected depth, clarity and nuance that not only captured the live event but lifted that aural experience to a new level of listening appreciation. Ed’s unquestioned professionalism and obvious dedication coupled with his gentle personal warmth and open spirit always made for a positive working environment to which I looked forward with anticipation.

No matter the project: Festivals in Salzburg or Bayreuth, working with international artists and conductors, sitting in church basements or private homes, outdoors or the CBC mobile, the studio or a concert hall sound booth, Ed’s quiet confidence and efficiency made my job easy…and a Joy!

With everlasting appreciation… Robert Cooper Executive Producer (ret’d) Choral Concert, Saturday Afternoon at the Opera

Robert Coooper

Producer (retired), CBC

Please pass on my fondest regards to “Cousin Ed”, as I used to call him in my days at CBC Toronto in the mid-70s. Unfortunately and sadly, I cannot attend his presentation, as I am now living on the shores of Georgian Bay, and have that day a conflicting engagement closer to home. As a retired AES Life Member, after publishing Audio Ideas Guide magazine for 25 years, and a dozen also at CKFM with my Audio Ideas radio programs (over 2600 3-minute shows 5-times weekly during that period), our careers have somewhat paralleled, and I am delighted to hear that he is still going strong. He taught me a lot about making good recordings, both by example, and via transmitted wisdom, and it was always a pleasure to work with him in my youthful days at CBC.
I would love to hear from Ed (Ted), and provide him with a few of my own recordings that have inevitably benefited from his insights into microphone placement, especially about listening to locales for their individual character, before attempting to chronicle the music made in them. I know we are both also mourning the recent passing of fellow recording engineer James Reid in Vancouver. I am sure Ted’s presentation will be an historic event in itself! Andrew K. Marshall, AES #29318 357136 Blue Mountain-Meaford Town Line, Thornbury ON N0H 2P0 (289) 879-2477
Andrew Marshall

Publisher, Audio Ideas Guide

“I have had the wonderfully great fortune to have worked with Ed for the past 30 years!  When I first moved to Canada from Chicago in 1987, Ed was one of the very first people I met in his capacity as an engineer for CBC Radio 2 broadcasts in which I was involved.  Ed and I immediately struck up a friendship, as we share a great love of brass playing, especially since I had just moved from Chicago, an absolute Mecca for brass playing thanks to the incredible sound and tradition of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra brass section.

I have had the great fortune to have been recorded by Ed countless times in orchestral broadcasts, and studio & commercial recordings.  He was the engineer for my own commercial release of music for trumpet & harp (“Divertissement”) with Lori Gemmell.  No one with whom I have ever worked captures the essence of the sound of the trumpet like Ed!  His brass recordings always make me feel like I am actually in the room with the performer when I listen to them – no small feat!

It is no wonder that some of my favourite trumpet recordings of all time are those by the great Phil Smith, former Principal Trumpet of the New York Philharmonic.  Phil has trusted Ed for years to be the man to put his sound in the room with the listener, and he certainly does. Over the years, Ed has become like family to me, even bringing me to hail him as “Uncle Ed” every time we see each other!  There is never a dull moment in conversation with Ed, as he continues to open my ears to some new brass recording he has just heard that he doesn’t want me to miss.  I usually tell him that if it wasn’t recorded by him, it can’t be THAT great!  It is always a joy to see how excited he still gets in hearing new pieces or new recordings. It is with great happiness that I am able to help laud Ed with this well-deserved tribute by the Toronto AES.

There are truly not enough words to adequately describe the impact that Ed has made to recorded music, both here in Canada, and around the world with the many projects with which he has been involved.

Bravo and Congratulations, “Uncle Ed!”  You deserve all the praise heaped upon you today! Cheers!” Larry Larson, Principle Trumpet, KW Symphony

Larry Larson

Principal Trumpet, KW Symphony

Ed Marshall is a master, a gentleman, and a quiet hero. I had the pleasure of working with Ed for ten years at the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, on both archival and commercial recordings. I didn’t have to ask Ed for much when it came to the recorded sound of  the KWS. He had it right from years of experience, and any slight adjustment I suggested came out perfectly on the first try. As you may know, we have an acoustically beautiful hall in KW, and Ed was able to capture its magic: the range of color, the clarity, and the glowing sheen on the sound.

My favorite memories working with Ed were on our commercial recording projects. They were tricky to pull off. We had a live take and a dress rehearsal to draw from, and that was it. I knew we had what we needed, but combining those edits was complicated and time-consuming. It’s a credit to the orchestra, and to Ed, that it turned out as well as it did. During the process, Ed was infinitely patient and hung in there with me as we put everything together, note-by-note. I treasure the ten years of musical memories that Ed recorded during my time at the KWS, and I treasure him as a friend and as an artist. He has added immeasurably to the cultural life of our orchestra, and countless other musicians and musical institutions.

It’s been a joy and a privilege, Ed, and I wish you many years of happiness to come. You did your job as well as it could possibly be done, and with humanity and class to boot. You’re an inspiration to us all. -EMO

Edwin Outwater


I am so pleased to say a few words about my good friend Ted, whom some of you know as Ed!  My relationship with Ted goes quite a way back, fundamentally through our heritage as musicians in The Salvation Army church.  Brass banding was the thing that first captured our attention as young SA musicians, but as we have matured, we have both been blessed by the Lord to share His gifts to us within the church and within the professional field.  My solo recordings with the New York Staff Band include “Bravo” conducted by my Dad, Derek Smith in 1982, “Principals” conducted by Brian Bowen in 1988, and “My Song of Songs” conducted by Ron Waiksnoris in 2000.  Ted was the recording engineer in all of these.  I quickly learned that he had great ears, an easy and comforting demeanor in a stressful environment, and could make me sound better than I was!!

Ted quickly became more than an engineer, he became a friend and a Christian brother, someone I knew I could trust.  He had a kind way of letting you know that you ought to have another go at it, without upsetting you!  He graciously helped me on succeeding recordings: the ITG “Orchestral Excerpt” project, recorded in 1993 at Humbercrest United Church, Toronto; the 1994 Montclair Citadel Band & Songster “Proclaim His Glory” recording; and the ITG “Contest Solos for Young Trumpeters” recorded in Living Word Reformed Church in North Haledon, NJ.

Ted is a master at large space recording, finding the perfect balance of natural room sound with the clarity of the instrument, and bringing the perfect resonance into the space.  He’s also able to take a blown “take” and turn it into a winning performance.  Don’t tell anyone, but that little “phew” articulation became a perfectly beautiful soft entrance!!  I was amazed at his gift and amused by his chuckle upon my incredulity.  Ted fell in love with my gospel group Resounding Praise, and in addition to our two recordings that he engineered, “Repeat the Sounding Joy” and “We Live to Worship You,” he arranged a small Christmas tour for us to Owen Sound, Hamilton and Toronto.

Besides being a great artist and a personal friend, Ted loves the Lord, and I think that is what makes our friendship so special.  He is a “giver.”  Thank you, Ted, for ALL you have done!  We will only know in Glory whose life was blessed by the work we did together, but I do know now that the Lord has spoken to hearts through our collaboration, including yours and mine.

Love ya Man!

Philip A. Smith

Prokasy Professor in the Arts
Hugh Hodgson School of Music @ University of Georgia
New York Philharmonic – Principal Trumpet 1978-2014

Phil Smith

New York Philharmonic - Principal Trumpet 1978-2014


In a career spanning more than 4 decades, Edward Marshall has worked with virtually all the major artists and musical organizations in Canada as well as a wide and varied experience on the International scene.

He has engineered in excess of 1000 LPs and CDs (including some of the first Digital recordings in Canada) and thousands of Radio broadcasts both recorded and live. During his 30 years with the CBC, he was the broadcast engineer for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (20 years) the Canadian Opera Company (13 years) and principal recording engineer for CBC Records in Toronto.

He was awarded the “PRIX ANIK” for his work with the CBC Film department’s documentary of the visit of the Toronto Symphony to the People’s Republic of China in 1977, his CBC and private CD recordings have resulted in many JUNO nominations (Ben Heppner/Toronto Symphony was a recent winner) and in 1984 he was presented with the CBC PRESIDENT’S AWARD for “Outstanding Achievement in Sound Recording over many years” and was nominated in the “Best Sound” category of the 2003 Gemini Awards.

In the early 1980’s, he established Marshall Arts Productions in response to an ever-growing demand for free-lance work and, since leaving CBC in April 1996, now operates that business full-time.  Recording projects have taken him to every region of Canada, extensively throughout the U.S.A. and as far afield as Japan, Sweden and Australia.

Currently, he is the official Recording Engineer for the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony in Canada and responsible for all their archival and CD release recordings. Recording projects have been released on BMG, EMI, Sony Classics, Dorian, CBC Records, Centrediscs, Marquis, Analecta, Atma, Arts and Music and several other labels.


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2005 Not Much Is Worse Than a Troll Ensemble Polaris Engineer, Editing, Mastering
2006 Cyril Scott: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 3 Leslie De’Ath Engineer
2006 String Theory Numus Cello Ensemble / Penderecki String Quartet Engineer
2006 Hear My Prayer: Hymns and Anthems Choir of St. John’s Church Engineer, Producer
2007 Cyril Scott: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 4: 1898-1963 Leslie De’Ath Digital Editing, Engineer
2007 The Da Vinci Collection: Italian Music from the Time of Leonardo Toronto Consort Digital Editing, Engineer
2007 Ravel, Wolf, Schoenberg, Schreker Maureen Forrester Engineer
2007 The Nightingale’s Rhapsody: Music for Clarinet & Strings Jerome Summers Engineer
2007 How Sweet the Sound Toronto Children’s Chorus Engineer, Producer
2007 John Beckwith: Keyboard Practice, Upper Canadian Hymn Preludes, etc. John Beckwith Master Tape Preparation
2008 Billy Mayerl: A Miscellany for Solo Piano Leslie De’Ath Digital Editing, Engineer
2008 Beethoven: Piano Concerti Andrew Davis / Anton Kuerti / Toronto Symphony Orchestra Engineer
2008 Celebration 30 Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra Engineer
2009 Billy Mayerl: A Miscellany for Solo Piano, Vol. 2 Leslie De’Ath Digital Editing, Engineer
2009 Cyril Scott: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 5 Leslie De’Ath Editing, Engineer
2009 The Queen: Music for Elizabeth 1 Toronto Consort Editing, Engineer
2009 Palm Court Encores Ensemble Vivant Engineer, Studio Production Coordinator
2010 Conversations: Keyboard and Chamber Music by John Bilotta and David Gaines Engineer
2010 Renew’d at Ev’ry Glance Banff Centre Ensemble/Joseph Macerollo/New Music Concerts Ensemble Mixing, Digital Editing, Mastering, Engineer
2011 Harry Somers: Live from Toronto Toronto Symphony Orchestra Engineer
2011 Parallels: Piano Music of Scriabin & Roslavets Anya Alexeyev Engineer, Editing
2012 Apparitions Colleen Richardson / University of Western Ontario Wind Ensemble Engineer
2012 Baroque Legacy Jeremy McCoy Engineer
2012 Nikolai Korndorf: Complete Music for Cello Alexander Ivashkin Engineer
2012 Navidad: Christmas Music from Latin America and Spain Toronto Consort Engineer, Digital Editing
2012 Homage to the Old Master: Sonatas for Keyboard by Carlos Seixas Anya Alexeyev Engineer, Recording Editor
2012 Colin Eatock: Chamber Music Recording
2013 Lutoslawski: Symphonies; Concertos; Choral and Vocal Works Antoni Wit Engineer
2013 The Song My Paddle Sings Woodstock Fanshawe Singers Engineer
2013 Full Well She Sang Toronto Consort Engineer, Digital Editing
2013 Woman Runs With Wolves Beverley Johnston Engineer, Digital Editing, Digital Mastering
2013 Canadian Concerto Project, Vol. 1 Group of Twenty-Seven / Eric Paeteau Engineer, Mastering
2013 Peter Hatch: History Is What It Is Blue Rider Ensemble Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Recording Editor
2013 All in a Garden Green: A Renaissance Collection Toronto Consort Engineer, Recording Editor
2014 Voyage to Canada Caroline Schiller / Kristina Szutor Producer, Engineer
2016 Ariadne’s Legacy Lori Gemmell / Jacques Israelievitch / Eleanor James / Judy Loman / Orford String Quartet / Trio Verlaine Engineer
2016 Explorations Western University Wind Ensemble Engineer
2016 Haydn: Sonatas Timothy Steeves Engineer
2017 Harry Freedman: The Concert Recordings Engineer
Secret of the Seven Stars: Music of Hope Lee & David Eagle New Music Concerts Ensemble Editing, Mastering, Engineer
Archipelago Alison Melville Editing, Recording
Anton Kuerti plays Russian Piano Music Anton Kuerti Engineer
Debussy: Piano Music Carolyn Jones Engineer
Fruit of a Different Vine Alison Melville Engineer
Handel; Albinoni & Telemann: Trumpet Concertos John Cowell Engineer
Lament in the Trampled Garden: Chamber Music by Marjan Mozetich Gryphon Trio / Marjan Mozetich/ Penderecki String Quartet Engineer
Lutoslawski’s Last Concert Witold Lutosławski Engineer
Northern Delights Hannaford Street Silver Band Engineer
Piano Music by William Grant Still and Other Black Composers Monica Gaylord Engineer
Rarities by Rossini and Verdi Richard Bradshaw Engineer
Tapestries: Music by George Fiala, Heather Schmidt Christina Petrowska Quilico Engineer
Victorian Cello Sonatas Leslie De’Ath / Simon Fryer Engineer
Ming Alice Ping Yee Ho / Beverley Johnston / Penderecki String Quartet Engineer, Digital Editing
The Italian Queen of France Toronto Consort Engineer, Digital Editing
From Here On Out Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra / Edwin Outwater Engineer, Digital Editing, Assembly
Concert Band Essentials Canadian Brass Engineer, Editing
François Chauvon: Les nouveaux bijoux Washington McClain / Alison Melville Engineer, Editing
The Business of Angels: English Recorder Music from the Stuart Era Alison Melville Engineer, Editing, Mastering
Canadian Art Songs Jon Vickers Engineer, Master Tape Preparation
Schubert: Winterreise Daniel Lichti Producer
American Flute Masterpieces Susan Hoeppner / Lydia Wong Producer, Recording
Canadian National Brass Project Canadian National Brass Project Engineer
In Memory Of: Peter J. Moore
Retrospective: University of Waterloo Audio Research Group