We asked ChatGPT to comment on the new AES75-2022 standard we are featuring at our February 28 meeting, and here is what it said (but remember to check out our meeting: two of the committee members who developed the standard will be on hand to give us a first-hand overview of the standard and the process that was followed in creating it):
“The AES75-2022 standard for loudspeaker measurement will benefit a number of different groups, including:
Audio Equipment Manufacturers: This standard provides a common, consistent methodology for measuring and reporting the performance of loudspeakers. This will allow manufacturers to compare the performance of their products with others in the market, and to communicate the performance characteristics of their products to potential customers in a meaningful and transparent way.
Audio Engineers and Researchers: The standard will provide audio engineers and researchers with a consistent set of methods and metrics for evaluating loudspeaker performance. This will allow them to make more informed decisions when designing, testing, and comparing loudspeakers.
Regulators and Standards Organizations: The standard will provide a basis for regulators and standards organizations to develop performance requirements and safety standards for loudspeakers.
Consumers: The standard will provide consumers with a more meaningful way of comparing the performance of different loudspeakers, which will help them to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Overall, the AES75-2022 standard for loudspeaker measurement will help to promote greater transparency, consistency, and accuracy in the evaluation and comparison of loudspeaker performance.”

Hey, I like this ChatGPT thing!

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