Perren Baker was a student of John Vanderkooy’s “Science of Hi Fidelity and became involved with the ARG through John and Stanley’s work on the University of Waterloo’s CKMS transmitter and Stan’s weekly classical radio show.

Perren was a “friend of the Lab from 1981 – 1988. He partook in various listening tests with special attention to the new Sony digital recorder F1/PCM701 and Ambisonics soundfield recording, and recorded many concerts with Stanley.

He is currently working as a Hearing Instrument Specialist and still does the occasional location recording, of which the most notable is the famous “The Trinity Session” with the Cowboy Junkies and producer Peter J. Moore recorded at Toronto, Ontario’s Church of the Holy Trinity on 27 November 1987, with the band circled around a single microphone, the Ambisonic soundfield.

Audio Research Group: 1981-1988

Jeff Bamford