April 23 – 2024 – Anjali B. Arnold

2024 Bulletin - April, Regular Meeting, Special Event

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APRIL 23  2024

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: Small World Music Centre

180 Shaw Street, Unit 101
Toronto, ON M6J 2W5

“Bring your headphones paired to your smartphone, and join us for an interactive demonstration of sound healing and Neurosound.”

Neurosound: Beyond the Mind Barrier presented by Anjali B. Arnold
Anjali B. Arnold is the founder and creative force of Quintessence Studio. A lifelong musical artist, she is a pianist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, arranger, and performing artist. She is the creator of the Akashic healing modality Soul Tree and NeuroSound Akashic audio healing having studied with the world’s best in the mind-body healing field. She earned advanced honors degrees in physics and mathematics as well as music and education. A member of the Creativity Coaching Association, she is an international creative growth practitioner, and is a Registered Healer with the International Natural Healers Association.
NeuroSound (TM) utilizes all the established wisdom of the ancients up to cutting edge modern neuroscience research of how our brains (and bodies) respond to sound.
Bring your headphones paired to your smartphone, and join us for an interactive demonstration of Neurosound.”


Small World Music Centre – Venue
Since 1997, Small World Music has been celebrating cultural diversity and showcasing a range of local, domestic, and international talent to audiences across Toronto, and beyond. More than just presenting culturally-diverse artists, SWM works with, showcases, and supports equity-deserving professionals onstage and behind the scenes to encourage sustainable careers and industry-wide evolution. Small World Music encourages human connection through musical experiences: through public-facing programming (the annual Small World Music Festival and hundreds of year-round concerts), industry initiatives (Global Toronto music conference and showcase event), artist-driven projects (eMERGEnce Music Incubator), and more. 

About the Event

6:30 – 7:00 Food and networking.

7:15 – Presentation

9:30 – Building Closes

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