2008-2009: Bulletin Archive

Sept 08 pdf
Active Compensation of Nonlinear Loudspeaker Distortion
Wolfgang Klippel and Adamson Pro Audio

Oct 08 pdf
124th and 125th AES Conventions
John Vanderkooy and AES Exec

Nov 08 pdf
Research presentations and lab tours
McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind
Dr. Laurel Trainor and associates

Dec 08 pdf
Saved by Technology Presentation
Digidesign ProTools Version 8
Jeff Komar, Digidesign

Jan 09 pdf
A Toronto Section 40th Anniversary Retrospective
Electronic Music in Toronto and Canada in the Analogue Era

Feb 09 pdf
A Toronto Section 40th Anniversary Retrospective
The Humans Return to the Studio
Bob Doidge (Grant Avenue Studio), Barry Henderson (Radar)

Mar 09 pdf
White Spaces: Wireless Microphones
Chris Lyons, Shure Inc

Apr 09 pdf
40th Toronto AES Anniversary Retrospective
From Documentary to Sound Design
Film Sound in Toronto and Canada

May 09 pdf
ABC’s of In-Ear Monitoring
Marty Garcia, Future Sonics

How To Avoid Digital Jitter
Morten Lave, TC Applied Technologies

June 09 pdf
A tour of the new aes.org site
AES Membership: What’s in it for Me?
Peter Cook, Josh Tidsbury: AES Web Development