IP Audio in the Broadcast World

2020 Bulletin - October, Regular Meeting

Date: Tuesday October 20, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Go-To-Webinar
Arranged By:  Reza Saiphoo, Leigh Whitcomb, Kevin Lyver
Sponsor:  SMPTE Toronto Technical Conference – TTC 2021.

About the Event

This month’s meeting will touch upon IP audio in the broadcast world.  We will hear from a broadcaster, Swiss Radio and TV (SRF), manufacturer and software company, Audinate, and to wrap up the evening an update on AES audio standards.

This meeting is a joint meeting with our industry partner SMPTE Toronto. The list of presenters and their topics are:

Adrian Hilber and Sandro Furter from Swiss Radio and TV – Dynamic Audio Workflows.

SMPTE ST-2110 enables Swiss Radio and TV to broadcast out from their new Campus Building in Zurich multiple programs in a much flexible way as traditional SDI based infrastructure would allow. SRF will present their Audio Workflow and how SRF has implemented a flexible way of Audio Production in multiple languages from end-to-end.

Bernie Farkus, Audinate, Sr. Technical Sales Engineer – Dante Interoperability.

Bernie Farkus will present how Dante Domain Manager enables audio interoperability between Dante devices in the domain and non-Dante SMPTE devices. Topics covered will include a quick overview of Dante Domain Manager, SMPTE Domain clocking setup, and subscribing RTP flows between Dante and non-Dante SMPTE devices.

Anthony P. Kuzub, CBC, Senior Systems Designer / Project Lead Production Systems, Engineering Solutions – Audio Engineering Society Standards Update.

Anthony Kuzub will provide updates to various AES Standards including:
AES67 (High-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability)
AES67 over WAN (New Efforts)
AES70 – Open Control Architecture (Classes and protocols)
AES74 (Requirements for Media Network Directories and Directory Services)

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