Loudspeakers: Designer.

Martin Stec:

  • Began in the Loudspeaker Industry in 1976-7 while attending University of Waterloo
  • Joined Angstrom Acoustic Laboratories in 1979 in a Design / Engineering capacity.
  • At the same time, began taking advantage of the physical facilities, and intellectual underpinning, developed at the NRC by Dr. Floyd Toole
  • In 1982 was one of the founders of Paradigm Electronics Inc.
  • Founded Amtec Manufacturing Inc in 1985. As President, led AMI’s growth into a substantial ODM loudspeaker manufacturer with a wide range of international and domestic customers such as Harman Consumer Group (Harman Kardon, JBL & Infinity), Yamaha, JVC, KEF, Mission, Alpine and many others.
  • Re-joined Paradigm Electronics Inc in Oct, 2003 as Director, Product Development


Eventually becoming proficient in the theory and practice of loudspeaker development and manufacturing, Martin has been involved in the design of almost three hundred commercially successful products over a 30 year career. Included in “Industry Firsts” or “Industry Earlies” would be such notable advances as the early use of injection molded PP cones, the early use of over-molded TPR suspensions, first(?) use of foamed PP loudspeaker cabinets, first(?) implementation of extruded loudspeaker cabinets, first popularly priced, commercially viable Class D powered subwoofers.

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