Multiple Location Remote Production on Standard Internet Service

2022 Bulletin - October, Regular Meeting

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Harris Institute
118 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, ON (between Queen and Richmond)

There is limited street parking in the area but there are two parking lots nearby.


Premeeting Dinner:
Mengrai Thai, 82 Ontario St. Toronto
Suggested arrival time for dinner is 4:50 to 5:00 pm.

Eurovision Song Contest – Luca Giaroli, systems designer

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About the Event

A universal goal imagined since the beginning of digital audio was the concept of multiple location recording and broadcast productions that could link studios in remote cities or even continents. The audio industry has vetted multiple approaches to this challenge and although consistency and reliability in delivery have significantly improved, the obstacles of latency and cost still make this goal intangible for most companies and engineers.

Over the last few years DirectOut Technologies (Gmbh) a company noted for leading edge products and advanced latency neutral and format conversion products has successfully staged multiple location, real time broadcast and recording productions that have conquered the obstacles of time and expense with the deployment of cost effective Prodigy™ digital processors located in each operational venue required. In conjunction with massively capable DirectOut’s globcon™ software and via Vivivaldy® a practically priced engineered internet interface and service transcontinental events have been flawlessly realized.

One such event has been the recent annual Eurovision Song Contest acknowledged and one of the most complex live broadcast events with one the largest consistent viewing audiences spread across Europe in 4 different time zones.

Luca Giaroli – Strategy and Audio Solution Manager for DirectOut was chosen to design, implement and manage the complex distribution and control network based on his unique abilities and career history of engineering major live global events.



The first half of the presentation will be an in-depth review of the technical issues that needed to be resolved for the success of the show such as latency, fault tolerance/redundancy, and network monitoring and operator interface.

The second half of the presentation will demonstrate the process via a live mix of 64 tracks hosted on a server in Turin, Italy which is 6600 kms away.



More advance information can be found at and

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022: A Look at the Most Complicated Live Broadcast Music Show Ever Staged



Luca Giaroli

Luca Giaroli

Strategy and Audio Solution Manager, DirectOut

Hailing from the region of Modena, IT, Luca’s formal education in network engineering and his passion for music have established him as one of the world authorities on large event digital signal distribution for design and operation.

Past events aside from Eurovision Song Contest are numerous summer and winter Olympics working with the OBC, Commonwealth Games and the Pope’s huge World Youth Days while being the Technical Manager for Optocore (Gmbh).

Luca’s position at DirectOut places him in charge of new product development which interfaces him with the planet’s highest level of productions and working with the industry’s best engineers and production companies. Luca’s presentations are found to be extremely educational, insightful as well as entertaining.

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