Robert is Principal of HGC Engineering, a consulting engineering firm specializing exclusively in noise, vibration and acoustics.  He received his Bachelor and Master degrees in mechanical engineering at the University of Waterloo.  Over the past twenty-three years he has conducted acoustical assessments and noise/vibration studies for hundreds of industries across North America, and abroad, including developing noise control recommendations to meet local regulatory requirements.  Rob has conducted research into methods of low frequency noise attenuation in ducts, computational acoustical methods, effects of high temperatures on absorptive silencers, resonant dissipative silencers, measurements of acoustical properties of materials, and the use of sound intensity measurement methods in novel applications.

Regarding start/finish times with ARG, I started my part time MASc in 1996 and finished in 2003 – John was my supervisor, cross-appointed to the Engineering department.

There was just one paper (presentation, actually), that John and I published on my thesis work.  It was entitled, “A Novel Single-Microphone Method of Measuring Acoustical Impedance in a Tube,” Convention Paper 5901, Presented at the 115th Convention, 2003 October 10–13 New York, New York.  The fun part about that paper is that the device we concocted for the measurements was nicknamed the “acoustic cyclotron.”

Audio Research Group: 1996 – 2003

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