RWDI TOUR: Wind and Water Tunnel Engineering

2023 Bulletin - September, Regular Meeting


Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm – TOUR and PRESENTATIONS
Where: 600 Southgate Dr,

About the Event

RWDI is pleased to welcome us to tour their world-class wind and water tunnels and model shop at their headquarters in Guelph, Ontario.

What will you see on the tour?

Throughout their facility, RWDI has numerous exhibits demonstrating the wide variety of technical services they provide to their clients. Many of the study models on display have amazing architectural designs. In your future travels, you may have the opportunity to see the full-size construction of some of these buildings and structures (not all are constructed).

In the Wind Tunnels and Model Shop production areas, you will see RWDI’S highly skilled staff crafting the models and testing them in their wind tunnels, or water tunnel. We will walk through the creative process from the drawing stage, to the scale model construction, and ultimately to the testing itself.

The Presenters



RWDI is a Canadian-based firm of consulting engineers and scientists who tackle complex problems in the build environment by combining innovative thinking, collaborative problem solving and a passion for expanding the boundaries of the possible.

RWDI’s core practice areas of climate engineering, building performance and environmental engineering brings together a diverse array of capabilities to create buildings and infrastructure that are resilient to extreme weather, hospitable, sustainable, and that meet environmental stewardship goals.

The company uses their state-of-the-art wind tunnels and  water tunnel to break down and solve some of the world’s toughest engineering challenges.

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