Do you own or run your own recording studio, be it a project studio, small studio, basement studio or a laptop that you carry with you from location to location….??

You are a part of the new Enterprise Studio paradigm or eStudio that is emerging from the decline of the traditional label-oriented recording studio.

The Toronto Audio Engineering Society brought together enterprising people like you who are in this business talking to each other, and us, about how you are adapting, evolving, or pioneering the business of making and selling music, with an emphasis on the technology side of it (since we are the AES).

But since the lines between music, technology, business, promotion have radically morphed into a new kind of enterprise, this was an interesting forum… a chance to network, share ideas, and help define who we are and how we do business in this post-Napster world of music-making.


An Evening of Recording Guitar with Nick Johnston
Toronto AES Seminar 2008: The Roots of Our Toronto Sound