Loudspeaker Designer.
AH! Acoustic Horn Company
Bill Woods



Professional Profile

2007 to the present

AH! Acoustic Horn Co., Sole proprietor of a new company specializing in high-end horn systems
 Created a Proprietary conical radial motion picture theatre Horn for technical director- Eric Stark Shaw Brothers, China.
Consultant for B&C loudspeakers– (B&C loudspeakers are one of the world leaders in loudspeaker design, developing unique products on the cutting edge of transducer design), Florence, Italy

  •  Cone compression driver design, Air motion transformer driver design

 Consultant to RCF loudspeakers, (World renowned loudspeaker company, producing high quality loudspeakers since 1940), Regio EmeliaItaly.

  •  Loudspeaker enclosure and system design.

1989-2007 Yorkville Sound

Senior Design Engineer for Yorkville Sound.
(Manufacturing arm of Long& McQuade)

Principle duties

  • Speaker Mechanism Design
  • Acoustics involving enclosure design.
  • Horn design
  • Pattern making and CAD-Cam work for horn design
  • Process engineering in fabrication of process (Vacuum forming/ injection mold making/ foam speaker enclosures/ woodworking high-speed assembly etc.
  • Research and Development of acoustics of geometric shapes and compression driver design.
  • Technical writing for specification sheets.
  • Acoustic developments included:
  • Injection molded composite plastic speakers, including R&D in of production engineering, drafting, and process production
  • Large scale sound reproduction concert systems (TX series –included first mid range conical horn and carbon fiber cone driver)
  • First commercial application of conical horns including radial defined coverage, asymmetrical, and bent horns
  • First tractrix horn, and conical/tractrix horn, and tractric horn (1989)
  • Resonator/ horn low frequency bas horn (105dB 55Hz 11 cubic feet Sw800)
  • First compound load vent/horn bass system Sw600 a version of a “Tapped horn”
  • First conical basshorn- 105 db 40Hz SW1208
  • Vacuum form process and tooling for ABS horn manufacture
  • Vent turbulence control low frequency enclosures
  • Rapid prototype vacuum horn tooling

1982-1989 Loudspeaker Group

A sole proprietor P.A. systems manufacturer, serving Yorkville Sound Gerr Electro acoustics, and numerous  rock groups. Loudspeaker Group was of the first companies to use NRC Labs for testing PA systems.
Principle duties

  • Pattern making -molds for fiberglass horn production
  • Manufacturing Home HI-Fi enclosures and fiberglass horns for professional sound systems.
  • Supertramp and the National Arts Center used our products.
  • Design, manufacture and selling of  Pro-P.A. speakers under the name Loudspeaker Group.
  • Sold to Staves’ Music, Long & McQuade Music, and various rock groups.


  • Consultant for Fostex Pro – P.A. (Japan)  – toured Canada with P.A. products I designed
  • Belise Acoustic  (Quebec) designed speakers for the National Arts Centerstage system.

1976-1981 Speakerfactory
Proprietor of a Retail Store in Peterborough Ontario
Products were Home Hi-Fi systems.
Products manufactured in my shop in Hastings, Ontario.

  • Pattern making -molds for fiberglass horn production
  • Manufactured Home Hi-Fi enclosures and fiberglass horns for professional sound.
  • One of the first powered subwoofer systems for Home Hi-Fi.
Bill Dowding
Jack Kirkpatrick