Loudspeaker Designer.

Mark Mason first became interested in the technical aspects of sound reproduction during his early teens. Years of constructing and experimenting with home, car and pro audio speakers and amplifiers followed. He began to design, build and install car audio systems during high school and while attending Ryerson University to finance his increasingly expensive hobby.

Early in the 90’s, he joined the engineering team at Blade Technologies and helped develop several lines of car audio amplifiers and digital signal processors. Blade Technologies invented BASH technology which is now used in many home theater powered subwoofers. Blade products were manufactured by sister company Indigo Manufacturing who was an OEM for Energy, Mirage, and Sound Dynamics subwoofer amplifiers. Indigo expressed interest in developing their own home theater powered subwoofer amplifiers and the engineering team’s focus changed to integrating the BASH technology into this new application. It was at Indigo/Blade where Mr. Mason first worked with Paul Barton while developing subwoofer amplifiers to be used in PSB product.

In the mid 90’s, Mr. Mason joined Adamson Systems Engineering, a pro-audio manufacturer. As a Design Engineer with ASE, he designed high power speakers and subwoofers for professional touring and installed sound applications.

In 1998, Mr. Mason joined PSB Speakers as a Project Engineer / Electronics Designer. He took over responsibility for designing all PSB subwoofers in addition to working with Paul Barton at the NRC designing full range in-room and custom installation (in-wall/ceiling) speakers. In 2001, Mr. Mason was promoted to Design Team Manager. Today he continues to manage the efforts of the PSB product development team and design product. His PSB designs have won critical acclaim from both discerning customers and audio critics alike.

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