Guest: Audio Precision.

Wayne Jones has almost 40 years of engineering development, marketing, and management of products and companies in the professional audio and audio test and measurement fields.


In 1969 he founded a company, Olive Electro Dynamics, to manufacture state-of-the-art recording consoles. The company introduced several new and innovative technologies and concepts now commonplace on contemporary recording systems. In 1975 he founded Amber Electro Design, a manufacturer of audio test and measurement equipment. Amber introduced the first high-performance portable battery powered audio distortion analyzer and one of the first programmable PC-controlled audio analyzers. In 1991, he joined Audio Precision and managing their applications engineering, publications, web, and product promotion. In recent years, he has been a consultant to Intel, Microsoft, SigmaTel, and many other audio companies.

Mr. Jones has written numerous trade journal articles on audio test and measurement, created application notes, co-authored a book on High Definition Audio, and authored the re-write of AES 6id on PC audio testing. He has served on various standards committees related to audio test and measurement.

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